Frequently Asked Questions

What grades and subjects does the Redmond K-12 Online curriculum cover?

Redmond K-12 Online offers hundreds of courses serving grades K through 12 across all core subjects and a wide range of electives. From Algebra to Web Design, from Kindergarten Language Arts to AP English, we have the right course to match your student’s needs.

How do I enroll my child into the Redmond K12 Online Program?

  • Student/parent needs to contact Redmond K12 Online (RKO) by calling 541-923-8928 to schedule an enrollment appointment.
  • Appointments are about an hour long. Student(s) are highly recommended to attend.
  • If student is currently enrolled in the district, complete RKO enrollment form at initial meeting.
  • If student is new to the district, complete RKO enrollment form and district enrollment packet. Parent must also bring:
    • Proof of address (driver’s license, bill to you at your address, etc)
    • Proof of Age ( birth certificate or passport for each student)
    • Immunization records
    • High school transcript, if applicable.

What curriculum does Redmond K-12 Online provide?

Redmond K-12 Online contracts with Connections Learning to provide curriculum.  Connections Learning is an industry leader in online curriculum with access to countless educational resources.

What boundary school resources can online students access?

The accessible resources vary by grade level.

Elementary school students can choose to participate in PE, technology classes/library time, lunch and recess, as well as the amazing after school programs at our community schools.

Middle school students can choose to participate in PE, band, after school sports, and after school programs.

High school students can choose to participate in PE, band, choir, ROTC, and after school sports and clubs. Additionally, students can take advantage of Expanded Options and the Advanced Diploma. The Expanded Options program allows high school juniors and seniors to take college classes and receive both college and high school credit.  The Advanced Diploma is for students who have met the standard diploma requirements and have chosen to pursue a more advanced diploma.

What is the Redmond K-12 Online Technology Center?

The Technology Center is what sets our program apart from many online options because it adds the vital factor of human interaction to the online learning experience.  The Technology Center is a place for students to access computers, get one-on-one academic support, connect with other students and their academic mentor, complete course work, and troubleshoot any online program issues.  The Technology Center is open for drop-ins Monday – Friday, 9:00 am –  1:00 pm as well as by appointment.  Parents are always welcome to join their children at the Technology Center.

What is the role of the parent/guardian as a learning coach?

During the early grades the parent/guardian, as learning coach, devotes considerable time—four to five hours each day is a common expectation—and plays a key role in helping the student develop study skills, helping to facilitate the student’s progress, and working to modify the pace and schedule as needed. Even as students learn to do more activities and lessons independently, parent/guardian participation and supervision remain vital.

As students become more independent in the middle school and high school years, the learning coach typically spends less time on daily oversight and guidance to the student, but continues to play a critically important role in supporting the student, keeping in touch with the student’s teachers, monitoring student progress, and making sure the student’s needs are met as issues arise. At the high school level, the parent/guardian is less involved, as responsibility shifts more to students themselves.

How much time will students spend on the computer?

Students spend varying amounts of time on the computer depending on grade level.  Students in the primary grades only spend 10-20% of their time on the computer with the rest of their time being spent working with materials that are sent to the student or printed off.  As students progress they gradually start to spend more time on the computer as it is more developmentally appropriate.  Middle school students can expect to spend 30-40% of their time on the computer, with high school students spending more than half their time on the computer.

What does it cost to participate in the program?

The program is free because the school district uses state funding to pay for the program.

Do you serve students with IEPs?

Yes.  The student’s academic mentor will work closely with Connections Learning teachers who will utilize students’ IEPs to guide instruction.

Are your courses aligned with state standards?

Connections Learning courses are currently aligned or under alignment to Common Core State Standards.

What about accreditation?

Redmond K-12 Online courses are delivered by the AdvancED-accredited National Connections Academy, which is regionally accredited.

Does Redmond K-12 Online provide students with a computer?

Redmond K-12 Online does not provide its students with computers at this time.  However, students have access to the Redmond K-12 Online Technology Center for computer use, one-on-one academic support, and all other online program support.