Parental Support

Since online students spend most of their instructional time away from the Redmond K-12 Online staff, the parents and /or guardians must be active participants in their children’s education.  While high school students can often be more more independent, parents of elementary and middle school students should expect to serve as a daily side-by-side learning partner.  Here are some tips for how to help your child in the online setting:

  • Create a quiet and distraction free study area in your home for your child
  • Set your child’s online and offline study schedule
  • Set academic expectations, and hold your child accountable for meeting your expectations with rewards and consequences
  • Monitor your child’s progress using your learning platform login
  • Communicate frequently with your child’s course instructors and Redmond K-12 Online staff
  • Contact Redmond K-12 Online staff directly with questions or concerns as they arise